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Case study - Own your Experiences

SEALO innovates in digital, enhancing brands and creators with a platform to increase loyalty and relationships through digital assets. Uses blockchain to manage NFTs as rewards, revolutionizing customer loyalty. Offers exclusive experiences, secure digital ownership, and an intuitive mobile app.

UI - Mobile Development - Web 3.0 - Flutter


Digital innovation is expressed in a company that empowers brands and creators with a platform designed to transform customer loyalty. Using blockchain to manage NFTs as rewards, it offers exclusive experiences and ensures secure digital ownership through an intuitive mobile app.

SEALO approached us with a perfectly outlined product vision, complete with a UX/UI user interface designed and all the skills necessary to manage the backend and back office.

Looking for a reliable partner to transform the design into a mobile application that integrates effectively with the backend, SEALO chose us. We responded promptly, and the result was a cutting-edge and responsive mobile app, perfectly aligned with the design and customer expectations.


We chose to use Flutter for app development due to the numerous benefits it offers. This framework allows for the creation of natively compiled hybrid applications, ensuring high performance and a smooth user experience comparable to traditional native apps. Thanks to a single code-base, we were able to significantly save time and resources. The flexibility of the framework allowed us to customize every aspect of the application, faithfully respecting the directives of the creative team and realizing a design tailored to meet the client's vision and expectations.

Partnership for disruptive UI/UX

Thanks to the close collaboration with the client, we were able to create a user interface that stands out for its intuitiveness and visual appeal, significantly improving user engagement and satisfaction. The entire graphical interface and user experience, designed by the client, were developed in synergy, adapting and refining the design in response to the evolving needs of the project. This teamwork ensured that the final look of the app reflected the client's vision, offering a product capable of meeting the needs of end users.

ANIMATIONS: The animations in SEALO were realized with particular emphasis on fluidity and performance optimization. Thanks to the effective management of Flutter resources and accurate code optimization, we were able to implement extremely smooth and responsive animations, with no negative impact on speed or performance. This outcome guarantees a visually pleasant and technically flawless user experience, elevating the overall interaction with the app.

CRASHLYTICS: The use of Crashlytics, as an error monitoring tool, has helped to collect data on app usage and identify any stability issues or crashes. It has been an essential tool for optimizing the app's performance and improving the user experience.

App animation

OFFLINE FIRST APPROACH: We paid particular attention to loading speed and app responsiveness. All screens load instantly, demonstrating the efficiency and high speed of the app even in offline mode. This demonstration video shows the real operation of the app without any acceleration. The result is an exceptionally fast and smooth user experience, maintaining a high level of performance regardless of connectivity.

Offline first approach

Technical Challenges and Innovations

During development, we faced a series of technical challenges that enriched us significantly. By integrating advanced authentication methods with QR codes and biometrics, we ensured secure and private access. We optimized app navigation through deep linking, making it smoother and more intuitive, while push notifications implemented via Firebase kept users constantly informed and engaged.


DEEP LINKING: Deep linking allows users to be directed straight to specific pages or content within the app from external links. This feature has greatly improved the user experience.

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Push notifications prove essential for connecting the user's action in the mobile app with the backend operating in the Web3.0 world. The app sends requests to the backend via push notifications, which then executes transactions on the blockchain and responds with notifications to inform users of the result. This notification system is crucial to ensure that users can interact with the blockchain intuitively and timely.

BACKUP: To ensure that users do not lose access to their digital assets, we introduced a backup system for the seed phrase - a series of key words needed to recover one's wallet in case of need. This security mechanism was integrated with the Google account for Android users and with the iCloud Keychain for iOS users, thus offering a reliable backup solution.


Our collaboration with SEALO has been one of our most challenging projects from a technological perspective. We had the opportunity to collaborate with a reality operating in the world of web 3.0 where blockchain technology and NFTs play a dominant role. We had the opportunity to develop the entire UI of the mobile application, making the product accessible to end users.

Our trajectory of growth and development in the field of application development continues to evolve, and SEALO remains a concrete testimony of our commitment to technological excellence. It reflects our constant commitment to innovation and the creation of solutions that anticipate the market and define future trends.

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